Development of import substitute & intricate cast components out of ferrous & non-ferrous metals such as, alloy-cast irons, S. G. Irons including Ni-resist, S.S., Plain Carbon, low & high alloy steels including corrosion and heat resistant steels, Al & Cu alloys. Development & supply of metallic, wooden & epoxy patterns. Investment casting of intricate products.

Equipped With

Induction furnace - 75 kW, capacity 200 kg steel, Make : Inductoheat, Australia. Shell Core Shooter (Horizontal). Parting Line- 250x250 mm, Make: Span, Pune. Semi Automatic Molding Machine-Plate size-640x400 mm, Make Span, Pune. Investment Casting Machineries & Equipment.

Forge Shop

Development of critical forged components for Automobiles, Defense, Agricultural & Engineering industries. Open die forgings, such as shafts, gears, blanks, tools etc.

Equipped With

Friction Drop Hammer 1 ton capacity, Make: NSE, Pneumatic Power Hammer- 500 kgs. capacity, Make NSE. Trimming press 120 Ton capacity. Automatic Band saw machine - 245 mm capacity. Billet Shearing Machine - 75 mm capacity. Gas fired forging furnaces.

Machine Shop

Precision machining of engineering components. Dies for sheet metal and forged components.

Equipped With

EDM machine -C 60, 600 x 400 mm - Make Toolcraft. Milling, Surface Grinding and lathe machines - Make HMT & PRAGA. Radial Drill Machine. HMT. Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder. Vertical Milling Machine & CNC Machining Centre.

Heat Treatment Shop
Normalising, Annealing, Stress relieving, Hardening & Tempering of
engineering components. Heat treatment of Aluminum and
copper alloy components. Salt bath heat treatment.
Equipped With
  • Electric furnace 1300 C(F.A.C.)
  • FAC pit furnace 750 C(F.A.C.)
  • Low temp. oven 350 C. CNG salt bath furnace.
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